Russian Hill Cottage

A balance between restoration and intervention, this house features its original layout (created in 1907) as well as an updated feel that was intended to bring together layers of history with an urbane sense of living. The lightness and airiness of its park-like setting–defined by a Thomas Church-designed garden (1972) and a 100-year-old redwood tree in the backyard–underscores our sue of a classic ivory-and-white color palette throughout the interior. The house acknowledges its past by incorporating its original crown molding, baseboards, fireplace surround, doors and hardware. It also references period details through custom cutout cabinet pulls and a tinge of green in the ivory wall color, which gives it a subtle vintage feeling. Together, the original architectural details and the designed elements–such as millwork and finishes–become a backdrop for a contemporary furnishings layout with various classic 20th-century furniture and objects found during the clients’ travels.

Photography: Matthew Millman
Featured in Architectural Digest, 2012